STATMENT of people of Lithuania who has nothing to do with resolution No XIII-3281

As voices of people of Lithuania are ignored, silenced and many crimes are committed by officials who claim to speak for the nation, when it is not the case, people who sign this petition, using first part of article No 4 of Lithuanian Constitution declare:

• that we (people of Lithuania) do not have anything to do with resolution No XIII-3281 ( );

• it does not represent our stands, position nor attitude;

• we do not recognize this resolution as valid document as existence of it is a humiliation for us, therefore it violates article No 21 of our Constitution, therefore by the article No 7 it is not valid;

• we do not have any interest to interfere with matters of Belarus apart of being a good neighbours;

• we do recognize Alexander Lukashenko as President of Belarus;

• we urge United Nations (UN) to disregard this outrageous resolution No XIII-3281 as it is harmful and divisive to coherence of EU;

• we also request UN to condemn Lithuanian members of Seimas who dared to disrupt international relationships with such inappropriate resolution.

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By signing, I authorize E.S. to hand over the information I provide on this form to those who have power on this issue.


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